Lightroom Tutorial: How to Install Presets on your Smartphone (without a laptop)

Before we begin, this is NOT a tutorial provided by Adobe themselves, quite frankly there is a little bit of a workaround both for you and where you are getting the presets. I would say the safest, easiest way to install Lightroom CC presets and to fully enjoy the experience would be:

  • to install your presets through Lightroom CC on Desktop and make sure it synced with Lightroom CC on iOS and Google Play.
  • know that not everyone is following this practice (with their files) so make sure before you buy and/or ask the seller

On the other hand, Adobe has a lot of great Lightroom CC tutorials from beginner to experienced. Definitely worth checking out.

Step 1

Let’s get started! Choose your favorite Lightroom Presets you wish to add to your phone.

Let’s unzip the file. There are a few apps out there that can accomplish such a task, I used Winzip. Learn more how you can get Winzip on your smartphone on Android and/or Winzip for iOS. Within a few taps, you will be able to save your new presets into the folder then create an album.

Step 2

Step 3

There are two ways for you to apply your presets settings. Let’s go about the most useful option especially in the long run: creating a new preset. After opening the image provided in the preset, tap on the “More Options” icon (top right icon) and simply select “Create Preset”. From there you will be able to edit the Preset Name and choose its location. Tap the “Done” icon and voilà!

The other way to apply your presets, let’s go back. Start with your initial image and instead of creating a preset, you will tap “Copy Settings” then “OK”. Afterward, you can now select an image that you want to edit and simply tap on “Paste Settings”. It’s not the optimal way but it’s great if you wanna give your images a little twist beforehand.

Step 3.5


Within some easy steps, anyone can install Lightroom CC Presets on their smartphone BUT it all depends on if the right image files are provided to do so. Again, to fully enjoy the experience with Lightroom CC, make sure you install them directly on your Desktop and synced with your mobile app. Maybe one day, Adobe will have an update somehow to resolve this issue but here is our solution. Hope you have enjoyed!


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