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Booking Event Talent: Tips by Rolling Bliss

The Miami music scene is fast-growing, every 3-5 years there is a new uprising. The standard of going out has changed for the best because there is so much to do! Booking talent correctly for your event has become one of the most important factors in standing out in the event scene.  As a booking agent, I love to, find the hidden gems. Music spreads like wildfire and when you find an artist you connect with, booking comes naturally. 

Here are some questions to consider:

Can the artist maintain the audiences attention?  

Is there a feeling being sent to the audience? 

How is the artist engagement with their audience?

What is their sound like and do they appeal to?

Are they am organized prepared band? 

It’s important to keep in mind the environment, the more genres of music you know, the best it is to tailor them with vibe matching spots. Or maybe you want to bring a punk band to a jazz bar, however, it is the owner’s discretion. All venues have needs, and if it does not then you create it.

rolling bliss fest featuring The Remyz

Ideas to get talent booking started

Slide into a band’s DM or email inbox and ask them for an inquiry.

Make sure to do the following: 

  • Discuss budget, availability, rules and venue
  • Ask for a stage plot.
  • Discuss band members, equipment and set length
  • Send photos of the venue and give specifics for loading, parking.
  • Have the artist or band, contact info & social media
  • Send them your promotional material and tag them on your event posts

Once you both have communicated your needs, executing will be a breeze. The artist and the agent should remain in contact throughout the process. Fast forward to show day, the head of the band and sound technician should be introduced to one another that way questions can be answered directly for soundcheck. These are the main tips to have good communication with the band you book in any scenario of an event or social environment. If the band and agent aren’t eye to eye, you might run into trouble.


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Below is some photography by us at Natives from Rolling Bliss shows we attended.

Some of the featured bands and artists are


PJ Aviles


Folktale San Pedro


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