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Netflix for Creatives – 5 shows and movies we recommend

We watch a lot of Netflix and specially their content for creatives.We decided to curate a list of some of our favorite series and shows on the popular streaming network. Not only are these shows and series informative in their content but we also found them deep and even inspiring.

From the mind of one of the most iconic names in technology to the history of Compaq computers. A few weeks ago we created an article about the long awaited release of the second season of Abstract: The Art of Design where we included a summary of the series.

Below is the list of shows and their trailers. Enjoy!

Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World

This documentary features commentary from professionals in the art world and exposes some of the commercial forces behind the art game.

Explained - Series

The Mind: Explained is a captivating original series that goes deep into our mind and the way it works.

Abstract Season 2

Some of the biggest and most insightful names in design give an insight into their professional fields and a look into the future.

Sky Ladder

Breathtaking documentary on the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Quiang and his biggest project yet.

Silicon Cowboys

If you did not watch Halt & Catch Fire on AMC, you definitely should. This is the real story that covers a small group of tech geniuses that went on to create Compaq computers and face huge companies like Microsoft and IBM.

Inside Bill's Brain

Go inside the mind of the one and only Bill Gates. Netflix did a great job in really going in depth into the brain of one of the most influential icons in technology.


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