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Event Flyer Design: Tips, Ideas & Examples

A good event flyer design is one of the most important parts of your event marketing campaign. Aside from the overall strategy, having well designed flyers, posters and overall content is the pivotal to your event’s success.

The new reign of social

A few years ago event flyers used to litter the streets since printing was so cheap, but fast forward to today. The event promotion game is all about the digital and social media distribution.

Instagram and Facebook gives you the opportunity to distribute your content to millions of people at a low cost. This access to distribution has also flooded social media feeds with posts promoting events. They promote anything from a new restaurant opening, to a nightclub or non-profit event. This is why it is important to keep a few things in mind when creating an event flyer to stand out of the rest.

Stay on Brand

Many event flyers tend to get too fancy or abstract with their graphics, that they forget to keep the connection to the brand. It is important to keep in mind that the segments of your audience that you want to attend your event are already engaged with the look and feel of your brand, and deviating from that style might create a disconnection at the point of awareness about the event.

event poster design tips

Choose an Eye Catching Color Scheme

Color is one of the key things to keep in mind when designing a successful event flyer. Try to choose a bright color palette with good contrast within your design. The internet and social media is flooded with graphics and propaganda from events, people, brands etc. so to maximize the attention that you grab from a user, take the time to choose the right color palette that is adequate for your event and promotion strategy.

Below is a useful video on color theory in graphic design.

Use Contrast in Color & Typography

It is important to help the reader find the most important information on your event flyer. A well designed flyer guides the attention of the reader through the design and emphasizes key information about the event. Use color contrast in your graphics and typography to make sure the key information is clear and easy to find.

Keep it simple with photography & graphics

People are constantly scrolling though their phones and reading tons of content per day. For better visibility, make sure that you keep the graphics and photography of the flyer simple. Ty and stick to a single photo with complementing graphic elements, or keep your graphics minimal to help emphasize the flyer information.

Highlight the important information

Now days, most of us have a short attention span and move quickly through information. Make sure that your flyer design emphasizes the key information of your event. Things like, date, time and address are examples of information that should be highlighted and easy to find. Also, if your event has specific information like parking instructions, RSVP information etc. it is important to create contrast and space for it.

Create Multiple Dimensions

For a successful event marketing campaign, you will not only need great creative and copy but most importantly, volume. Instead of creating one flyer for your event, create multiple color versions, sizes and layouts for all the different standard social media platforms. This way, you ensure that your event promotion looks and feels dynamic and complete.

Some great tools to create multiple sizes of creative are:

Adobe Spark




Animate it!

Video is currently being prioritized in organic reach throughout the major platforms. Make sure that you create a series of video content for your event as well as an animated version of your graphic flyer.

Event Flyer Inspiration

Below are some of our favorite examples of event flyer design. Enjoy!


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