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5 Designer Portfolios That Will Make You Redesign Yours

We go through looking at other designer portfolios for ideas and inspiration. Needless to say, there’s a lot of content out there that looks similar and cookie cutter, but we’ve managed to find a few online portfolios that really made us rethink our own. We wanted to feature five portfolios we found inspirational in terms of brand presence and overall work.

Why portfolio inspiration is imporant

Not only is imporatnt to stay up to date with the latest in trends in the creative industry and design world. As graphic designers, we tend to struggle designing our own portfolios because not only does it have to showcase our work but also inform visitors of our professional profile, personality and accomplishments.

This portfolio inspiration series

We might make this a series that includes different types of creative portfolios. If you have any to nominate or would like to submit your own, message us here.

Tao Tajima

Ales Nesetril

Jingqi Fan

Rezo Zero

Aleks Faure

We’re always looking for new work to showcase, events to promote, and creatives to collab with. If you would like to submit content or work together, message us here.


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