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Design Inspiration: Creates Color Coordinated Inspiration Boards

Design Inspiration is one of those websites not many designers are very aware of, but it can be so helpful when working on projects where color is a major factor. The website is a collection of photography, artwork, typography, architecture and more, the curation of work is truly astounding and perfect for any mood board. However there are many ways to create curated content like this, for example Pinterest is a great tool.

Why Design Inspiration is so unique

Design inspiration has the unique capability of filtering its results of creative images by specific color code. We used this tool while working on the latest campaign for our friends Backroom Sessions in Miami. Below is the orange and black results we looked at for inspiration.

Visit the site here

color inspiration boards
orange color inspiration board

For color focused projects such as logos, ads and websites, Design Inspiration is not only a great tool but also a resource for layout, and creative ideas. If you log in, you can save your collections and categorize them by color and theme.

If you choose to go for the Pro Account, you will receive a good amount of perks. First of all, you will have an Ad Free account, if there are any downsides to the site at all, is that it can have a bit too many ads floating around the results. On the good side, the Pro account gives you curated free deals on their partners, but also it will let you create your own collections, save them and even collaborate on other collections with creatives around the world


Check out some of the rest of collections that we created.

color palette for branding
green inspiration color board
orange typography ideas
orange board for backroom sessions inspiration
blue color inspiration
burgundy color board


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