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Best Apps & Tools for Independent Artists & Bands

The music industry is not easy, and whether you are a solo artists or a band, it is not easy to stay organized, prduce music and market yourself and your music. We did a little resesearch, spoke to some bands and artists and created a list of the best free apps for bands and independent artists for apple and android.

Technology can give you a leg up and help you escalate your efforts in the music industry. These apps cover from scheduling, social media and touring, to songwriting and music production and can be great tools for any producer, artist or band.

The Artists Union

The Artists Union is a website for bands and artists to host their music, and promote it through the platform. It offers exclusive insights and generates a score of your music’s popularity and success based on your listens, follow, reposts etc. this gives the aritsts an idea of how they fare compared to other users as well as how they are improving through time. Most importantly, its FREE and you can visit The Artists Union here.

Gig Town

Gig Town is considered the Uber for Local Music. This website makes booking a musician, band or DJ very easy and convenient. For artists, it makes it easier to get noticed and find new gigs and streamlines the process of organizing the event. You can learn more and sign up for GigTown here.

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Splice is a must for any musician or band. This cloud-based storage system makes it easy to sync the projects on your desktop to the Splice app on your phone. It also makes lets artists send files, collaborate and share their music. It also offers a large library of plugins, effects and sound bytes that are useful in any musical session. Learn more about Splice here.

Spotify For Artists

Spotify for artists is the best tool to monitor and manage your Spotify presence. The platform allows access for several band members for as single account. Artists can see their progress, stats, listens and more metrics to improve your Spotify brand. You canvisit the platform here.


OffTop is an interesting app, more geared toward the hip-hop scene. The app enables you to record and rap on beats created and posted by other artists on the app. You are able to find a beat and record over it as well as have it downloaded and posted within minutes. OffTop transforms your phone into a mobile recording studio to sing, rap and record over beats.


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