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Adobe Photoshop Camera is an AI Powered Editing App

Adobe announced today the release of Photoshop Camera, their new AI powered app for apple and android. With the emergence and growth of apps like Instagam and Snapchat, Adobe realized they had to re-think the way they looked at photo editing. For years, advanced photo editing has been something that could only be done through a desktop with thousands of dollars in software as well as years of photoshop knowledge, but that has now changed.

How Photoshop Camera uses Aritificial Intelligence

The Photoshop Camera app uses a new Sensei Aritificial Intelligence software, to automatically detect subjects in a photo and suggest artist-created edits. From basic shadows and highlight tweaks, to advanced editing like replacing the sky with a show of fireworks, this app analyzes your image and instantly offer a large selection of potential enhancements. The filters can be applied in realtime, or once the photo is taken.

Adobe is also working with creatives and artists like from around the world as well as celebrities like Billie Eilish to create custom filters, effects and lenses.

See what the app can do in Adobe’s Photoshop Camera feature video below.

Request Early Access

Adobe currently has a limited ammount of users for the early version of the app, and has plans for a full release in 2020. If you want to be an early user, you have to get Adobe’s approval, but you can sign up for early access here.


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